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What does "going green" mean to hand-crafted syrup creator, Drink More Good?

To lead up to Go Green! Brooklyn Festival, we asked some of our performers and exhibitors to let us know what "going green" means to them... Here's how hand-crafted syrup creator Drink More Good responded:

"From day one, More Good has operated with the founding principle of making this world a better place. We source as many of our ingredients as local and sustainable as possible, and always maintain a high degree of social and ecological responsibility. More Good operates on a triple bottom line, People, Planet, Profit. In our three years of business we have donated over $26,000 and funded five sustainable water wells in Ghana, Uganda, and Haiti."

Stop by their booth at the Go Green! Brooklyn Festival on June 4th to hear more about their story, and make sure to check out their website, too!

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