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In 2008, Town Square was thrilled to present the first annual Schoolfest. This was the first time that all schools in Greenpoint and Williamsburg (day care centers to high schools, private and public) were invited to a single informative day.  This is a wonderful event for the entire community and drew the enthusiastic support of our local elected officlas and community leaders.  Schoolfest features informational booths by each school and sometimes include representatives from colleges and universities, because it's never too early to start planning for higher education. 
Schoolfest 2021

Saturday, November 6, 12-4 PM

John Ericsson Middle School 126

424 Leonard Street (Bayard entrance) 

Greenpoint/Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Schoolfest is a one-of-a-kind school fair for our North Brooklyn parents! Early childhood to high schools, service providers, parent workshops, kids activtiies, live performances, and a community potluck to bring people together.  Get a jump on your child's edu journey while having fun with your family! 
WHO SHOULD EXHIBIT? Schools, day care centers, enrichment providers and anyone else who want to speak to North Brooklyn parents.  Online application forms can be found here:  
WHO SHOULD ATTEND?  Parents seeking information on schools & enrichment programs for their children, and students in elementary schools to high schools.  
Schoolfest 2021 Workshops


Schoolfest offers informative workshops by highly-regarded educational specialists. Highly renown Joyce Szuflita of New York School Help will give her popular workshops. These workshops normally cost $30 pp to attend.  They were free with the admission to Schoolfest. 


            11:00 AM  Early Childhood Options, including the new 3K, presented by Stacy White, Small World DCC

            12:00 PM  Intro to Elementary Schools, presented by Joyce Szuflita, NY School Help 

              2:00 PM  Intro to Middle Schools, presented by Joyce Szuflita, NY School Help

              3:00 PM  Intro to High Schools, moderated by Joyce Szuflita, NY School Help


Schoolfest 2021 Exhibitors


  1. BASIS Independent Schools

  2. Brooklyn Latin School

  3. Brooklyn Technical High School

  4. PROGRESS High School

  5. Stuyvesant High School

  6. Uncommon Schools NYC

  7. The High School for Enterprise, Business & Technology

  8. Williamsburg School of Architecture and Design

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Schoolfest FAQs



  • Schoolfest offers a supportive networking & informational experience for both exhibitors

     & parents.  


  • Schoolfest allows our neighborhood schools to share new information and projects with each other, so that our entire district may benefit.  


  • Most importantly, Schoolfest understands that parents can be overwhelmend by school choices and admission processes. Schoolfest helps parents navigate through the confusion so that you can make the best choice for your child's educational needs.



  • Meet and speak to many day care centers and schools.  A list of confirmed and reigstered schools above. Check back often for updates

  • Because there's the full vertical gamut of schools, you'll be able to meet upper schools even if your child isn't at that stage. Is your child in middle school? Come and talk to our local high schools. Is your child in elementary school? Come and talk to our local middle schools AND high schools. Is your child an infant? Come talk to our local day care centers AND elementary schools. It's never too early to start this research!


  • Do I need a ticket to come to Schoolfest?  ANSWER:  YES, each person - even babies - will need a ticket.  Tickets are FREE but will you still need one.   

  • Can I get tickets at the door?  ANSWER:  YES, if there tickets available. But we urge you to get your tickets quickly!



  • This is an in-person event held at a NYC DOE facility. We did not offer Schoolfest last year because we believe that the unique value of Schoolfest lies the opportunity to meet a diversity of educators and schools in person. We are delighted to be back this year with thoughtful safety procedures.

  • Attendees will sign up for timed-entry tickets, that will enable them to stay in the building for two hours: a one-hour workshop followed by an hour to meet the exhibitors. We will thereby control the capacity and traffic flow in the building.

  • To enter the school building, everyone who is 18 years or older, must be vaccinated and show proof of this status at check-in.

  • While in the building, everyone must wear masks.

  • We will take temperatures at check-in and offer hand sanitizers throughout the event.

  • We ask for everyone's cooperation for your safety and ours.

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