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Boy Scouts Troop 26

OPEN HOUSE | Thursday, September 10th, 6-7:30 PM

McCarren Park BBQ area

near Driggs Ave & Lorimer St | Grades 6-12

Coed Cub Scouts Pack 7 

OPEN HOUSE | Saturday, September 12th, 9-10:30 AM

American Playground, Franklin St & Noble St | Grades K-5

Scouts and St. Johns

Open House Potluck BBQ

Friday, September 13, 6:30-9 PM

St. John's Lutheran Church | 155 Milton St, Brooklyn

Meet coed Lucky Pack 7, Boys Troop 26 & First BK Girls Troop 1G

FREE!  Just RSVP here with your headcount and what yummy dish that you're bringing to share.  More info: 347.559.1410


Boys Troop 26, Girls Troop 1G: Thursdays, 6:30 PM

Coed Cub Scouts Pack 7: Fridays, 7 PM

BK Scouts BSA

Boys Troop 26 & Girls Troop 1G |Grades 6-12

Thursdays, 5:30-7 PM

McCarren Park, Driggs Ave bw Manhattan & Lorimer

Coed Cub Scouts Pack 7 | Grades K-5

Fridays, 6-7 PM

St. John's Lutheran Church, 155 Milton St

More info: | 347.559.1410


Pack 7 & Troop 26's 

Open House Potluck BBQ

7 PM | Friday, September 21st

St. John's Lutheran Church, 155 Milton St.

Please RSVP to

Public transportation:  

G-Train to Greenpoint Avenue

Buses B24/B32/B43 to Greenpoint

Ferry to India Street

Cyclones Game & Sleepover

with the Scouts

Friday, April 29th, 6 PM

Maimonides Park, 1904 Surf Ave, Brooklyn

After the game, scouts will camp overnight in the outfield. Woo!

Wreath Fundraiser for Scouts

$25 for a gorgeous fresh 22" holiday wreath

Buy a wreath for the holidays & help send a local scout to camp!

P7-T1G-T26 Scouts Camping Trip

Saturday 9/10 to Sunday 9/11

Brooklyn scouts are going camping at Alpine Scout Camp, NJ 

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